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What are Facebook Instant Articles 2022


                                                                (ilustrasi foto by pixabay)

Anyone know? Quoted from its official Facebook page, Instant Articles is a mobile publishing architecture that allows news publishers to distribute articles to the Facebook application which load and display 10 times faster than standard mobile web.

Well, you like Facebook on your smartphone, both on Android and iOS, there's a Facebook application that you install from the Play Store on Android. Well, when you Facebook in that application, not in a web browser, you must have come across an articulation website on one of your Facebook friends.

Keep trying to click, usually it's a bit absolutist loading to open the articulation website, sometimes you have to open it in another browser like chrome/firefox/etc. If the website is installed with instant articles, it won't take long to load. Just click on the link, the article will appear very quickly. So it's not like when we open a website, but the article still appears in the application. The appearance also adjusts, not as rich as it looks when your website is opened in a browser.

Websites that have Facebook Instant Articles installed are marked with a small lightning image in the articulation of their posts.

With this instant article, of course, it is very pampering for Facebook users when they want to read an article on the website. It is proven that when my website is installed with instant articles, there are more visitors, because when they find the articulation of my website, they don't have to wait for an absolutist and don't need to switch to open another browser to view articles on my website. And to apply instant articles to your website, if you are a WordPress user, you only need to install one plugin.

The way the WordPress plugin works is only to convert what was previously an article on your website so that an instant article version has been automatically created by picking a kind of RSS feed.