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YouTube 2022 New Monetization Policy


                                                                        (Ilusrasi foto by pixabay)

 New Monetization Rules

The monetization action states that baby channels will no best be able to monetize their videos unless their approach can abound into a subscriber abject to added than 1,000 subscribers and they accept 4,000 hours of watch time over the antecedent 12 months. This action came into aftereffect on February 20, 2018. This is a big change compared to the antecedent benchmark, which alone asked for 10,000 lifetime views.

YouTube will alpha blockage for channels that appetite to accompany the Google Options Program. The affairs promotes the best "popular" agreeable on YouTube.
YouTube states that these new behavior are in abode to ensure that ad agreeable meets YouTube's association standards.

Impact on YouTube Channels

If you attending at the facts, this monetization change can absolutely advice in abounding ways. Of course, it's a benevolence that abate channels can no best monetize their videos. But if you're a approach that has beneath than 1000 subscribers and 4000 anniversary video views, affairs are you're not authoritative abundant money to get started. I alone accept a YouTube approach with a few hundred subscribers and 50,000 angle for life. My approach has been monetized for the accomplished year or two, and I haven't alike fabricated my aboriginal $100. Channels that do not accommodated the new requirements do not accomplish abundant money from their channels to be harmed.

Advertiser Benefits

This amend will be abundant for advertisers. Advertisers no best accept to anguish about their ads actualization on videos that brief or are inappropriate. The affection of the advertised channels will be abundant better, back the clarification action for afterward the affairs will be stricter. It will additionally advice channels that are already absolutely ample and already monetized. Back it will be added difficult to get monetization access, the channels that do so will accept beneath competition. This agency added ads will be apparent on their videos and in turn, they will accomplish added money.
Overall, this action change is a above footfall in YouTube's efforts to accommodate the best accessible agreeable to its users. And while it may assume like a huge success for abate channels, the changes will get bigger in the continued run.